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Selecting Tips

How does a beginner who knows little about cars start with his car purchasing? Just be noted of tips given by professionals as follows:

1, Price Level Depends on Your Budqet

When preparing to buy a car, one should take full consideration of expenses on three aspects: first, selling  price of the car: which constitutes the main part of the expenditure. Secondly, extra charges: which include 10% vehicle purchase tax, number plate and license fee, insurance premium, vehicle and vessel usage tax (or traveling tax may called); and thirdly daily running costs including fuel consumption, temporary parking charge, bridge toll, annual check fee and maintenance cost and so on. All these expenses vary for different persons or cars. Statistics shows that a private car normally rides about 20 thousand kilometers a year and costs RMB 8 thousand to 20 thousand for upkeep. Servicing  car expenditure goes even higher, up to 30 thousand or so. Of course, it here refers  to the medium-grade car or less.

Therefore, buyers should consider their bearing capability beforehand, or else they will suffer from snappy payment for car of today and lead a hard life later on. In this case, buying a car turns senseless for improvement of quality of life. Solid financed buyers can get everything done at one stroke and select a high-performance car of high grade to buy, while buyers with moderate income cannot afford this. They can choose medium-or low-grade type for transition stage, enjoying the convenience of driving without too much burden shouldered.

2, Model and Brand Depends on Your Perception

If you usually move within range of urban area or suburban area in normal times, a small-wheel-base car with power aided steering will enable you to make use of every bit of time and space, make way to the last parking space existed and run across crowded shopping center. If mainly used for long-distance hustling or traveling, the car should be supposed to have spacious enough closed-type trunk so as to admit your luggage, instead of exposing it to the sun and rain. And if you have to drive on crucial road often, then a fully front-wheel-driven or four-wheel driven off-road car, or a motion-mode multipurpose car will fit you no more.

Choosing which grade of car to buy is up to your budqet, but when it comes to same grade and almost same price, you have to choose the brand of car then. Learn possibly more about "genealogy" and "family" background of each car, because behind an proper brand, there may lie excellent enterprise credit and after sales service. It requires continuous services after procuring a car. Which brand has convenient local maintenance and refitting is a point which should be put above.

3, Choose Moderate Delivery Capacity

On the average, the bigger outside measurement of the car is, the heavier dead load it gets, and hence  larger engine capacity it requires correspondingly. Larger delivery capacity demands larger fuel consumption, surely the output of the car is higher under normal conditions.

Prior to buying, you'd better ask yourself: how much output do I really need? Am I heavily loaded often? Do I drive steep often? If Yes for all, an engine with large capacity is suitable for you. If No and you drive at 100kmph or even less, then save a little money for yourself and buy a car with a delivery capacity less than 2-liter.

4, Type of Payment Depends on Circumstances

In order to promote and increase market share, many car manufacturers have established smart and diversified sales programs including pay by installment, zero initial payment and lease instead of selling etc. It provides a great scope of selection for consumers. When deciding the mode of payment, buyers should balance overall factors such as status of funds, income level, income stability and large sum expenditure in recent plan, if any.

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