Beautiful sound of the nature

Even imaged as extraordinary boundary that soulfully aspired

Just like the birth of Teana

Its perfect blend of graceful styling and outstanding performance

makes you entirely feel spiritually aspired and deeply touched!

With elegant and stylish decoration and appearance, the brand-new car is well equipped and presents outstanding power and performance. With distinguished performance among its fellow cars, Sunny is rightly designed for you who are elegant, positive, and confident and know exactly how to enjoy life, to help set free the passions in your heart and promote your taste and self consciousness.

The new Sunny exceeds its fellow cars both in design and performance, which is elegant as well as vigorous. Embodying the appearance of fashionable and classical three-room cars and exquisite interior decoration with delicate texture, it presents a supreme taste and bearing.

As the perfect crystallization between the new value of traditional aesthetics and humanized technology in E-era, the new-style NISSAN BLUEBIRD will lead you to a brilliant journey ahead, to experience the easiness and elegance of life, and to make success with your own move.

The graceful integrated beige interior decoration with light-tone leather and Satin walnut wood grain materials create a driving space with superior taste, fully displaying elegance, dignity, thoughtfulness and extraordinariness.
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