Since the run of new institutional framework in the electric equipment company, marketing has been set as the major battlefield of the enterprise. General Manager Pan Chuanzheng explicitly pointed out that marketing was the frontline and major battlefield of the company. The reform in marketing is being increasingly strengthened in the company, and a more intensive reform in marketing system is being carried out both inside and outside the company. Internally, the marketing personnel compete each other for their posts, and by applying the index + appraisal management mode, the overall contracting system is implemented, so as to give a full play to the principle of sharing profits and risks. Externally, emphasis has been put on the construction of sales network, and the domestic market has been divided into different areas according to their geographical position and degree of development, with special personnel appointed to take charge of every area, so as to strengthen the detailed management of market. At present, the sales network of the company has covered more than 20 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions, and a compacted high-efficient marketing system and after-sales service system have hence formed, which has greatly raised the capability of the enterprise in market control.

Consciousness of electric equipment market: The products demanded by customers could be produced as quickly as possible as long as the market department sends down the production plan according to the requirement of clients.

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