The Electric Equipment Company leads off the research and development of various products in the domestic motor electric equipment field, and produces by batch such as motor brushless dynamos, build-in integral AC dynamos; deceleration type motor starters, direct drive type starters, heater unit motors and electronic regulators etc. A wide range of products of more than 70 types form five categories including dynamo, starter, distributor and heater unit motor etc.

Products of the company cover all motor types of Dongfeng series and OEM has expanded to a dozen of mainframe manufacturers including Cummins, Chaochai, Yuchai, Nanchong, Dong'an, Chang'an, Hudong and Liuji etc, of which motor dynamo series are of a great variety and a wide range, brush type and brushless type coexisting if grading by structure and ranging from 350W to 5040W when speaking of power. The independently designed motor dynamo with build-in regulator and build-in fan is well known for its compact structure and superior performance. While brushless series dynamo is a crystallization of applying aerotechnics to motor electric equipment, and also a pride of the Electric Equipment Company. It abolishes carbon brush and comes out first in market of this field relying on its virtues of low failure rate, high reliability and long service life etc. And motor starters have a variety of types and a power range covering 0.8~4.5 KW suitable for gasoline or diesel engine assembly. Especially the large power started used in diesel motor has met the quality standard of Cummins Corporation of USA for its product performance after years' ceaseless improvement. And designed by adopting the most advanced international permanent-magnet deceleration type structure, the starter mating the minicar has been deeply favored by customers. Other electronic products including dynamo crystalline regulator and light sensor produced by the company are at leading level in the country for its structure and performance. Characterized by full spectrum, high regulating precision and excellent reliability it has found great popularity with the market.
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