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Instrument Company of Dongfeng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Braking System Company of Dongfeng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest Chinese enterprises producing automobile parts and components. In addition it is a large-scale listed company with 13 subsidiaries under it.

Dongfeng Electronics Technology has realized the simultaneous increase of share capital expansion and efficiency by virtue of advanced technologies, products of high quality and strict management. With incessant innovation, improvement and promotion of market concept, the company takes the automobile electronic internal ornament and integrated products of high and new technology as its developing direction. The company improves its core competitiveness, actively promotes trans-regional strong-strong combination and participates the international division of labor and international cooperation. Through the adjustment of product structure and integration of existing products into three major product systems (internal ornament system, electronic and electric appliance system and automobile braking system), the company has become a parts and components supporting group with leading technologies, strong strength, large scale, internalization, normalization and system development capacity . The company has a sustainable development tendency in high technology and diversification.

Address: 22/F, 2000 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai
Postcode: 200063
Fax: 021-62032133
Tel: 021-62033003
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