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 (1) For ordinary feedback: make clear reply and put forward treatment    ideas in the mean while or within 4 hours of valid work day. 

(2) For serious complaints: make clear reply and put forward treatment ideas within 24 hours.

(3) Correspondence treatment: answer letters or make clear reply within 24 hours. 

(4) For errands: If coordination needed, assignees will be sent specially for the matter.

(5)For urgent breakdown aid: make clear reply and put forward treatment ideas in the mean while, and follow up by telephone till completed. 

(6) For claim for compensation to company: finish evaluation and handling within 2 hours for small amount, within half a work day for more than 10 pieces and within a work day for large amount compensation of more than 50 pieces. 

(7) For directly sold assembly returned for repair: finish rework within 24 hours for less than 5 motors with persons, within a week for a batch of less than 20 motors and within half a month for large batch of more than 20 motors. 

(8) For serious quality problem or by batch, assignees will be organized and sent within half a work day for Shiyan suburb and within 24 hours for areas outside of Shiyan.
(1) After Service Duration for Our Products:
a. Parts are guaranteed for half a year (except A121 series, 1700C-048D, 1700C-048E, 1700D4-048 counter shaft, 1700C-112 first back gear of second shaft and 1700C-140 synchronizer assembly of fourth and fifth gears), subjected to the date of laser anti-fake mark; transmission assemblies are guarantee for half a year, subjected to the date of acceptance steel stamp, or fulfilling according to agreement if applicable.
b. For compensation of A121 series, 1700C-048D, 1700C-048E, 1700D4-048 counter shaft, 1700C-112 first back gear of second shaft and 1700C-140 fourth and fifth gear synchronizer assembly, it’s pursuant to sales volume proportioning. Proportioning rate for 1700C-048D, 1700C-048E and 1700 D4-048 counter shaft is 5%, which  for 1700C-112 first back gear of second shaft is 2.5 % and 1% for 1700C-140 fourth and fifth gear synchronizer assembly. If the used products are returned to our company via dealers, compensation products then will feedback to corresponding dealers, once every half a year. This regulation takes effect from Feb. 1, 2004. And compensation of above listed parts stocked prior to Jan. 31, 2004 will be subjected to the former principle.

(2) Within term of service validity transmissions with designing and manufacturing problem or damaged under normal operation of customers will be guaranteed for service package of “guaranteed repair, guaranteed replace and guaranteed return”

(3) Quality compensation involves in product itself, excluding other indirect losses put forth by customers.

(4) Repairable products should be repaired, or replace transmission assembly if conditions not permitted on worksite. But after repairing, replaced one should be returned where it came from. 

(5) Relevant instruments should be produced to account for its origin in sales offices of Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd, and be within the range of compensation. 

(6) In course of operation, if ordinary failure or disorder occurs and customer operates without timely settlement, greater damages will be caused. Our company claims only responsibilities for damaged part of original failure. 

(7) Any case of the following situations will not be covered within the after service range.
(a) Outdo the term of validity or products other than ours as inspected.
(b) Rust, knocked or broken fittings resulted from improper storage, transportation, assembly or operation of customers.
(c) Damages caused by overload, inappropriate operation or improper entire car configuration of customers, or max. Output torque of engine exceeding max. Input torque of transmission, (e.g. 17D4-00030 assembled for engine above 6102) as indicated by appraisal are excluded from service range.
(d) Damages or losses relating to use of unsuitable lubricant or failure of prescribed lubrication 
(e) Damages or losses relating to replacement of parts with products other than ours in case of transmission assembly reparation.
(f) Damages or losses caused by traffic accident or other associates due to misoperation.
(g) For transmission of common structure between first gear and back gear of second shaft, when first gear out of service seriously and customer failing to replace counter shaft, second shaft and first back gear of second shaft, only replacing one or two parts instead, thus damaged spare parts are out of service range.
(h) Damaged spare parts resulted from synchronizer seizure when put into gear or serious inactivations, and no replacement of synchronizer and concerned second shaft gear out of service conducted in the mean while, are out of service range.
(1) Responsible service chiefs of all regions deliver traveling services to authorized dealers, specially designated dealers or relatively large assembly plant of entire car under their charge irregularly;

(2) Major content of traveling services is to learn about situations of local transmission market and collect customers’ opinions, and have a comprehensive understanding and analysis on compensation state of dealers and assembly plants under charge, and finally help them with compensation, training and advertising work.

(3) For compensation desired products, all service chiefs are qualified only for organization and primary appraisal. Final compensation right goes to technicians dedicated to product appraisal;

(4) All dealers should keep exact and complete record on product type, date of purchase, date of compensation claim, amount and failure pattern of product to be compensated, and return it with product in question to the company, which will be used as final reference to determine whether compensation is justified or not.

(5) Rework organization for compensation desired products and transmission assemblies follows the principle of responsibilities claimed only for top dealers and assembly plants and compensated products returned only to where compensation organized;

(6) For products out of compensation range as indicated by technical appraisal, the appraiser should produce Expert Evidence to indicate name of parts, amount and rejecting reasons and get compensation organizer notified in time.

(7) When organizing and returning compensation desired parts and transmission assemblies to our company, just fill Delivered To field with “After Sales Service Department of Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd. if cars and comers impossible to present on transaction spot, no need of receiver’s name to prevent lost parcel post.
(1) Reminders on Transmission Assembly Compensation:
(a) Compensation desired transmission should be kept intact, free of knocking and corrosion (naked parts should be coated with antirust oil), and in tidy and non-piece-together condition.
(b) Dealers should register particulars including type, online No., checkout No., failure pattern, date of purchase, date of compensation claim and amount etc specifically.
(c) Responsibilities for freight shortage, corrosion, knocking, overdue compensation or replacement and repair fees none of our responsibilities should be claimed by responsible unit.
(d) Prior to organizing and returning compensation desired transmission, related organizer should contact responsible service chief for corresponding area of our after service department and feedback details to him by means of telex for reference of service validity extension

(2) Reminders on Transmission Parts Compensation:
(a) Compensation desired transmission parts should be kept clean and corrosion-free;
(b) Type, amount and failure pattern etc of compensation desired parts should be registered specifically.
(c) Products under compensation should be ensured in conformity with our compensation principle; 
(d) Prior to returning compensation desired transmission customer should feedback particulars to responsible service chief for corresponding area by means of telex for reference of service validity extension.
(e) In case of claims rejected, the dealer should declare in written within 15days after receipt of Expert Evidence when he requests returning, and organizes if conditions permitted, or done by our company if not permitted, or else rejected parts will be cut and discarded as useless in situ.
(1) Dealer who is capable of organizing transmission reparation is suggested to organize reparation within term of service validity.

(2) Reparation instead of replacement of transmission assembly should be organized for repairable parts of customers. And substitutes should be our spare parts.

(3) When organizing reparation of transmission assembly, dealers should keep record on product type, online No., checkout No., date of purchase, date of compensation claim, failure pattern and substitutes etc and put away replaced parts appropriately.

(4) When settling repair fees, dealers should provide specific record, replaced parts and reparation invoice.

(5) Settlement of repair fees: our company settles work hour charge and compensates parts according to the record, replaced part appraisal and invoice amount verification.

(6) Reparation work hour charging standard:
(a) If transmission assembly needs to be disassembled: RMB 80/set for A121 center distance transmission assembly; RMB 120/set for A130 center distance transmission assembly; RMB 160/set for A148 center distance transmission assembly; If counter shaft needs to be replaced: charge RMB 20, 25 and 30 in addition respectively on basis of above standard.
(b) If no disassembly needed on transmission assembly, work hour charge should be settled considering the circumstances, more than RMB 40/set.

(7) If dealers are unqualified for reparation, transmission assembly should be returned to our company, following the principle of returning only to where compensation organized and no work hour charges or other expenses undertaken by our company.
A. Steel Seal Marking:
Transmission assembly steel seal: viewing from behind to front, on upper right corner of shell roof plane, consisting of online No., month, type code; and another type on upper left corner consisting of checkout No., year and month and inspector code etc. Character size: international standard No. 3 (or No.4), Song type font (or imitative Song type font).

B: Name Plate Marking
On top of assembly upper cap or side panel of outer shell sticks the name plate which contains type, gear ratio, oil mass and Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd. Note: products stamped with Dongfeng Group name plate are not defined as products of our company.

C: Certificate of Conformity Marking:
Upper cap of transmission assembly is stuck with certificate of conformity, covering: type manufacture standard, exworks date, inspector’s seal and Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd.

D: Appearance:
Outer paint sprayed of transmission assembly is camel color.


Failure Pattern

Failure Analysis




Transmission assembly of common long spline structure between first gear of second shaft and back gear (EQ140-1, EQ140-2) has first gear inactivation, strange noise or straight teeth of counter shaft twisted askew and fall away Long spline of second shaft, straight tooth of counter shaft, first back gear of second shaft and internal spline are distorted seriously due to severe overload, belonging to systematic damage. To root out this fault, three parts such as counter shaft, second shaft and first back gear of second shaft all should be replaced, and strengthen self locking in the same time. Replacement of counter shaft alone is not enough to solve the problem, make customers fully informed of this


Synchronizer seizure when put into gear or serious inactivation Tooth sleeve of synchronizer and related gear chamfer damaged or coordinative internal and external teeth distorted seriously. To root out this fault, synchronizer and gear and fixed toothholder of related second shaft all should be replaced. Replacement of synchronizer can not eliminate the phenomenon of seizure or inactivation


Transmission assembly is knocked out frequently 1. Severely overloaded by customer 2. Mismatching between transmission assembly and diesel engine power; 3. Improper operation 1. Remind customers to load moderately; 2. Direct customers to select and use transmission assembly matched with engine power Deliver guidance when the customer purchases a transmission assembly


  Transmission assembly makes strange noise when engine idling. The great vibration at engine idling causes side clearance of transmission teeth knocking. It’s an occurrence generally found in Fengshen (God of Wind) 6102 and Wuxi 4113 diesel. 1. Replace idle damping (pre-damping) clutch driven disk 2. This phenomenon do not effect reliabilities of the entire car and transmission assembly 3. Regulate idling to the standard required 800 rev/min or so Conduct different treatment according to different situations


Strange noise in transmission assembly (big noise) 1. Strange noise always appears when motor in neutral, accelerating and decelerating positions, possibly a problem of transmission assembly itself: 2. If strange noise appears only when motor in specific operating modes, it’s not the problem of transmission assembly itself. 1. Check transmission assembly, find out the causes and remove all; 2. Check drive system associated with the transmission. Conduct different treatment according to different situations


D,J series transmission assembly second and third gear synchronizer lockpin is broken   KK series transmission assembly first and second gear synchronizer lockpin is broken   Entire car configuration problem, mainly occurring in passenger car with 4113 rear-mounted supercharged diesel engine. 1. Be sure to select reinforced synchronizer; 2. Select slider type synchronizer structure; 3. Take off balking ring and use conjunction tooth sleeve.  


Sixth gear of second shaft unsolder 1. Seal off from weld joint, belonging to welding quality problem: 2. Tearing and breaking off from weld joint belongs to entire car overloaded seriously or gear ratio mismatched. 11. Replace sixth gear of second shaft; 2. Remind drivers not to use sixth gear or change to sixth gear of small transmission if severely overloaded. Intensify popularization and directions on customers


Transmission assembly gear axial or bearing burnt. 1. Leakage of transmission results in oil shortage; 2. Gear oil filled is not as sufficient as prescribed; 3. Inferior oil quality. 1. Fill enough acceptable gear oil as prescribed after transmission assembly reparation 2. Replace gear oil periodically. If both are acceptable and fault occurs within very short distance, take transmission quality into consideration


Oil seal of transmission assembly first shaft or second shaft leaks Too much lubricant added 2. breather plug chocked; 3. Inferior oil quality 4. Oil seal quality problem 1. Quantitative oiling (flush with filling aperture); 2. Dredge breather plug; 3. Replace gear oil; 4. Replace with our oil seal for car assemblage. Analyze comprehensively, and suit the remedy to the case
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