December 12, 2003 The Transmission Company held a big campfire evening to celebrate the Lantern Festival in Xicheng; as much as 700 people including leaders of the company, members from party unit, political unit, workers unit, league unit and the three committees and four plants cheerfully gathered together in the evening to celebrate the achievements made in the past year and to discuss strategies for future development.
December 28, 2003 Our company won the fourth place in the 20 th "Greeting the Spring" Relay Race held by DFM.
December 28, 2003 The first sample of DF8S1200 Transmission independently developed and designed by the Transmission Company completed trial amounting.
November 2003 The four-member Hubei Civilized Units Acceptance Check Group led by Vice Director of Propaganda Department of Hubei Provincial Enterprise Industrial Committee Sun Yu carried out acceptance check on our company.
The first ten days of September, 2003 The investigating group of Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. visited and investigated the Transmission Company.
September 14, 2003 The Transmission Company won the championship in the Sand Beach Volleyball Match held by Parts & Components Business Uint.
September 9-12, 2003 The Transmission Company and German ZF Corp. negotiated on matters concerning joint investment between them, and the two parties both showed their intention in cooperation. Vice President of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. and GM of Parts & Components Business Unit took part in the negotiation. The two parties discussed and negotiated on production planning, marketing, finance and control product project, and the ceremony for signing the letter of intention would be held in October.
September 5, 2003 The electronic file management software that the employee of the Transmission Company Zhao Laimao undertook by winning the bid successfully passed the appraisal and acceptance check.
Augest 29, 2003 President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Katsumi Nakamura visited and investigated the Transmission Company, GM Liu Qifa made a genera introduction of the company and the development strategies. Later on, accompanied by the GM, the President visited the production base of the company and talked with the employees.
July 27, 2003 The three-member party led by GM of the Transmission Company Liu Qifa visited Germany to carry out negotiations on joint investment; the other two members of the party were Vice GMs Ouyang Jie and Weng Yunzhong of the company.
July 22, 2003 The Transmission Company was dignified with the title "Example Home of Employees of Hubei Province ".
March 2003 The development of free-of-idle-running technology for digital control grinding machine of transmission won the second prize for technical improvement of DFM.
  The development of A148 Heavy-duty Transmission Assembly won the second prize for technical improvement of DFM.
March 16, 2003 the fourth session of the second Meeting of Directors was held in Dongcheng Hotel of the company; Board Chairman Hu Xingdong and Directors Liu Qifa, Han Gaohong, Xie Lingxin and Wei Zhen'an attended the meeting.
March 9-15, 2003 Vice GM of DFM Ouyang Jie, GM of Parts & Components Business Unit Cai Wei, Vice Chief Engineer of the Technical Center Zhang Yingxiong, GM Assistant of Dongfeng Axle Co., Ltd. Jin Renyong, GM of the Transmission Company Chen Cheng and Vice GM of South Import & Export Company Du Jianzhong inspected Volvo and ZF Corp., and carried out business negotiations with them on matters concerning international cooperation.
February 15,2003 the Transmission Company hosted the unprecedented Lantern Festival Evening Party; Vice GM and Secretary of Party Committee of DFM Xu Ping, Vice GMs of DFM Tong Dongcheng and Ouyang Jie, Vice GM of Parts & Components Business Unit Zhou Qiang, GM Assistant of Parts & Components Business Unit and President of the Transmission Company Hu Xingdong and director-level leaders leaving post and on post on every term of the Four-Nine Plant and Five-Nine Plant presented themselves in the party.
January 18, 2003 our company took part in DFM Winter Round-the-city Long-distance Race, and won the fourth place.
November 2002 the first employees'volleyball match for the Parts & Components Business Unit was held, and our company won the first place in the match
October 13, 2002 the funny sports meeting was successfully held in the Transmission Company to represent the mental outlook of the employees and promote the health-improving exercises in the whole company.
September 14-28, 2002 GM Liu Qifa, Vice Chief Director of the Product Division Yang Jun visited five European countries and attended the international automobile and parts exhibition.
April 10, 2002 Liu Qifa was appointed GM of Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd.
February 1, 2002 the assembly line of the company assembled 50 NB Transmissions, 48 of which passed the noise test at a time.
December 21, 2001 A148 Eleven-gear-shift Transmission passed the bench test.
December 3-6, 2001 the six-member party led by GM of the company Shenli visited German ZF Corp. for another negotiation.
November 27-28, 2001 the fourth party member representative congress of Chinese Communist Party in Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd. was successfully convened.
June 28, 2001 A164 Transmission finished trial amounting.
September 11, 2000 the new product A148 Transmission passed the bench test of the company.
June 2-10, 2000 the "Transmission Cup" Dongfeng Youth Shuttlecock Competition organized by our company was held in the dancing hall; the delegations from Dongfeng Motor Propeller Shaft Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Transmission Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Carburetor Co., Ltd. won the first three places respectively.
March 11, 2000 A71 Transmission successfully passed the trail mounting acceptance check of Light Duty Vehicle Plant of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.
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