Iron Castings: Automotive Cold Die Castings Valve Castings Wire Castings
Nonferrous Metals: Aluminum Alloy Castings Copper Alloy and Zinc Alloy Castings
Stampings: Automotive Stampings
Manufacture die castings for limousine covering die of Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. Manufacture plastic patterns of die blanks
And die blanks of various complexities
Cast iron gate valve castings Cast iron butterfly valve body castings
Cast iron butterfly valve plate castings Butterfly valve assembly
QT as-cast nodular cast iron connecting bar produced for Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.  EQ491 engine
Cummins B series engine principal bearing cap castings Water pump impeller castings for EQ491 engine
timing toothed band pulley for EQ491 engine Principal bearing cap for EQ491 engine
SL-130 gasket castings exported to USA

Castings of rack type produced

Gear chamber castings used for Cummins B series engine, adopting low-pressure casting process Engine admitting pipe castings
Engine admitting blind flange castings.
Various power assembly cast aluminum pipes
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