Acting on the operation principle of "credit and mutual benefits", our plant is expanding market powerfully depending on superior products of all sorts and perfect after sales service, and has accumulated an increasingly growing user group.

For automotive cold die castings we have key customers as below: Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd., Pioneer Die & Mould Co., Ltd. of Shiyan City, Guangzhou Honda Motor Die & Mould Center, Tianjin Motor Die & Mould Center, Yuejin Motor Group Nanjing Tooling Co., Ltd., Foton Huaifang Die & Mould Plant, Liuzhou Fuzhen Die & Mould Co., Ltd., Die & Mould Center of Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Motor (Wujiang) Die & Mould Co., Ltd., Anhui Fuzhen Die & Mould Co., Ltd., Tianjin Fuzhen Die & Mould Co., Ltd., Huda Haijie Die & Mould Co., Ltd., Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. and so on.

For valve castings we have important customers including Jinmen Pratt Valve Industrial Co., Ltd., Hubei Hongcheng Universal Mechanical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Southern Motor Imports & Exports Co., Ltd., Wuhan Water Treatment Mechanical Co., Ltd., Tieling Lianggong Valve Co., Ltd., etc. Part of valve castings are exported directly (or after further processing and assembly) to countries and areas of Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East via above mentioned companies.

And nonferrous motor parts, stamped motor parts, DISA line motor parts are mainly supplied to such customers as internal subsidiaries of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. including Final Assembly Plant, Engine Plant, Passenger Car Chassis Plant, Heavy-duty Vehicle Plant, Motor Branch Company, Cummins Company and Wuhan Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd., etc; Some DISA line parts have been even exported to USA .

Reaching all covers of the land and casting superb products. Following this operation concept, General Casting & Forging Plant welcomes investors of all trades cordially!
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