Apr.2001 Having the capacity of bulk production of balance suspension equipment.
Feb.2001 Successful Trial Manufacture of General Gamma-knife Device for Medical Use.
Jan.2001 Welding products were exported to Turkey.
Nov.2000 Welding automatic line with 6 robots was accepted by National 863 Project Team.
Jun.2000 Successful Development of First Inversion Electric Principal Axis Digital Controlled Vertical Lathe.
Dec.1999 Successful Independent Development of Chang'an Engine Cylinder Lid Cam Axle Hole Finish Boring Combination Machine Tool.
May.1999 General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China--Jiang Zemin and other state leaders inspected Equipment Manufacture Plant.
Jan.1999 Successful Trial Manufacture of First Balance Suspension.
Aug.1998 Products were exported to Canada.
Nov.1997 On-site Communication Assembly of Accelerating China-made Limousine Equipment hold by Ministry of Machine Building in Xiangfan with machining automatic line for cylinder body and lid, which are provided for Dongfeng-Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. by Equipment Manufacture Plant, as the background.
Oct.1997 Establishment of Computer Network for Product Design, Process Design and Production Management.
Jun.1996 Realization of Computerization of Product Design.
Jun.1996 Manufacture of Two Automatic Lines for Finish Machining of Engine Cylinder Lid Conduit and Valve Seat Hole in Cooperation with British Lame Company.
Mar.1990 Development of First TH6340 Horizontal Center by Itself .
Oct.1983 Implementation of Computer Aided Design.
Dec.1970 Design and Manufacture of First Automobile Line for Combination Machine Tool
Dec. 1970 Design and Manufacture of First Distance Rod Double-Surface Milling Combination Machine Tool
Sept. 1969 Foundation of Plant
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