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As one of the biggest die & mould manufacturers in domestic automobile industry, Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd. not only undertakes a major part of the die & mould processing task of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, but also processes dies and moulds for many other domestic automobile manufacturers, playing a significant role in the development and manufacture of automobile products; as a result of which, the company enjoys a pretty high reputation in the automobile industry with the honorable title "cradle of Chinese automobile dies and moulds".

As a specialized plant under the Second Automobile Works (SAW), a major project in the "Three-line Construction Plan" in China, Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd. (DMDMC) has represented the highest level of domestic automobile industry since 1969 when it was newly established. In the over thirty years thereafter, it has been standing at the frontline of Chinese automobile die & mould industry; especially in the nearly ten years of 1980s, it was the acknowledged leader of the trade. The development history of DMDMC is a concentrated reflection of the development of Chinese automobile die & mould industry, and it has led the development trend of technology in this trade. DMDMC has experienced the era of imitated milling supported by imitated milling technology from 1970s to 1980s, the era of numerical control milling at low rotation rate in 1990s and the era of high-speed milling processing nowadays in succession, and now it provides matched processing service not only for trucks but also for cars. At present, DMDMC has strong capability in design and manufacture of automobile dies, moulds and inspection jigs, production, welding and assembly of stampings and development of automobile products; the typical products it produces include automobile cold punching dies, inspection jigs, automobile master cast, automobile parts and standardized dies and moulds, etc.

In the struggle for the upper hand in trade technology, DMDMC has introduced process technologies such as CAE technology, CAD technology, NC (numerical control) programming technology, laser cutting technology, product reverse engineering development technology and the latest heat treatment technology as well as the most advanced database management system in the country in recent years; accordingly, the core technologies of DMDMC are drawn closer and closer to international level and standard.

In Nov. 2001, DMDMC passed the certification of Standard ISO9001:2000 for its dies, moulds and inspection jigs, and the third-party certification of Chinese Automobile Products Committee for its automobile products; in Jan. and Feb. 2002, it passed the QS9000 certification of the Quality System Certification Center of Chinese Automobile Products Certification Committee and ISO14001 certification by Chinese Mechanical Industry Environment Management System Certification Center respectively. In 1996, the CAPP/CAM Integrating System for car body covering piece dies developed and put into application by DMDMC passed the acceptance check of the State Science & Technology Commission and gained the Chinese Automobile Industry Science & Technology Progress & Achievement Prize in 1997. Also in 1997, the 20 parts and 69 sets of dies and moulds that DMDMC manufactured for Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Company won the prizes both of Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Chinese Automobile Industry Association.

With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing dies and moulds, DMDMC began to face severe challenges of many domestic die & mould manufacturing enterprises, especially those joint ventures and nongovernmental enterprises in recent years. As a traditional state-owned enterprise, DMDMC is losing its superiority in equipment, geographical position and policy. Therefore, DMDMC carried out reform in its institutional framework and completed the reform in Dec. 2003, during the process of which, it transferred from a die & mould plant under SAW to Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Plant and then to Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd., and this has laid a good foundation for its business development in the future. The new company brings forth the development strategy that "improve and refine our dies and moulds; strengthen and expand our business in automobile parts", keeps improving its equipment, technology, personnel structure and product quality, and continuously strengthens and expands its traditional advantages; meanwhile, by playing its advantages in developing dies and moulds, it continuously develops new products and increases the profit of the enterprise; accordingly, a new pattern with combination of major and minor businesses and diversified operations has come into being preliminarily in the company.

In recent years, DMDMC put forward the idea that "expand two markets", and decided to develop a new market besides the traditional market of Dongfeng. By upgrading the product quality and providing sincere service, the company has set up business relations with over ten domestic entire car manufactories, and its business has covered the northeast area, north area, south area and northwest area of China, forming the business network centered on big cities such as Wuhan, Shanghai and Guangzhou and radiating to the surrounding areas. In 2003, the business volume that DMDMC acquired from units other than Dongfeng Group took up over 60% of its gross business volume.

In July 2003, with joint investment from Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. was established, with a planned annual output of 550,000 cars, which has provided unprecedented space for the development of DMDMC. In 2004, the first major product development project of the joint venture—JA Project was launched in DMDMC. Undoubtedly, DMDMC will undertake more important die & mould projects in bigger quantity, and gain more opportunities from the rapid development of the joint venture.

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