General Casting & Forging Plant, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Machine Tools Manufacturing Plant, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Cutting & Measuring Tool Plant, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd.
Equipment Company of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. devotes itself to the development of nuclear competitiveness of Chinese equipment manufacture technology, and to the enhancement of homemade level of automobile equipment, and to making contribution to the healthy development of national equipment industry. Depending on automobile industry, the company input everlasting vitality to equipment manufacturing industry by providing fine services.
 Equipment Company, DongFeng Motor Co., Ltd  is a business unit and whole capital owned by DongFeng Motor Co., Ltd. It is the biggest automobile equipment design and manufacture enterprise in China automobile industry. The company is in Shiyan, Hubei province, located at the north foot of Wudang mountain and near to the railway between Xiangfan and Chongqing and the highway between Shiyan and Wuhan, so the traffic and transportation is quite convenient. The company has 220,000 square meters industry architecture, and RMB 860 million in fixed assets. It consists of 4 plants-General Casting & Forging Plant,Machine Tools Manufacturing Plant,Cutting & Measuring Tool Plant, and Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd. . There are 4064 employees in the company including 160 technical staffs and 96 workers with technician title. All together are 565 engineering person, therefore this is a high technology team in industry manufacturing area.

The company has strong capability of machining equipment and products development, so complete special machines & transfer lines, body & cab punch dies and welding fixtures, painting lines, general & special cutters and measure devices and nut runners & tightening machines, casting of ferrous metal and nonferrous metal, and it is a large state owned enterprise to deliver complete project for the automobile industry.

Senior General Manager : Shen Li
Secretary : Yin Xiaotong
The company delivered a great number of high precision and high quality equipments to nearly all Chinese automobile enterprise such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motor, Guangzhuo Honda, Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Company, Tianjing Xialil, Jiangxi ISUZU and Chongqing Changan. In recent years some equipment were exported to America, Canada, Japan, Turkey and other countries. The company carried on the technology exchange, research and develop flexible equipments, such as machining center with foreign companies and have made a substantive breakthrough. Now it has provided a small batch of products for Guangzhou Honda.

As the company applying the large-scale integrated manufacture system CIMS units that is Government 863 high Science and Technology Plan, the company made a great progress on CAD/CAE/CAM research, development and manufacture system, improved the level of design and manufacture as well as contributed for the improvement of our country's equipment industrial science and technology.

The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certificate , ISO14000 environmental management system certificate and QS 9000 quality system certificate, so its management of production has a reliable guarantee system.

In recent years, the company have made substantive progress on the adjustment of product structure, successfully developed balance suspension for heavy-duty truck, link up bridge, Cummins gear and other new products and formed scale production, then its output value of non-equipment products is 60% of total output value. At the same time, the company developed the equipment market outside DongFeng Motor Co. Ltd., In recent years, the output value of non-DFM market reached 17.2% of total output value.

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