General Casting & Forging Plant, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Machine Tools Manufacturing Plant, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Cutting & Measuring Tool Plant, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd.
Equipment Company of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. devotes itself to the development of nuclear competitiveness of Chinese equipment manufacture technology, and to the enhancement of homemade level of automobile equipment, and to making contribution to the healthy development of national equipment industry. Depending on automobile industry, the company input everlasting vitality to equipment manufacturing industry by providing fine services.
June 30,2003 Subsidiary companies managed by Equipment Company such as Special Tool Plant and Power Equipment Plant, Dongfeng Coating Equipment Co., Ltd, Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd, Suzhou Dongfeng Precision Pressing Co., Ltd and Dongfeng Off- Road Vehicle Co., Ltd departed from Equipment Company.
July  ,2003 General Casting & Forging Plant successfully made the super-large casting for die, which is 8 meters in length and 18 tons in weight.
July ,2003 Series dies for high-top and double-bed projects of Dongfeng transportation vehicles were smoothly completed.
July ,2003 A Sino-Japanese joint venture, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd, was established. Equipment Company was annexed into the joint venture and became an understanding department of DFL, in which Shenli serves as General Manager and Yin XiaoTong as Secretary of the Party Committee. The newly-incorporated Equipment Company established 8 departments and managed 4 dedicated factories: General Casting & Forging Plant, Machine Tools Manufacturing Plant, Cutting and Measuring Tool Plant and Dongfeng Die & Mould Co., Ltd.
July ,2003 In Hubei Provincial Workers, Professional Skill Competition, Shen Zhaowen, a worker of the company, won the third place of miller group depending on excellent skill. In October, Zhu Shihai, Liu Junrong, Zhang Yan'an and Shen Zhaowen, 4 workers of the company took part in the National Workers  "Skill Competition and won the good result" of whom Zhu Shihai won the second place in the fitter group and Liu Junrong the second place in the miller group. They were both granted the honorable title of National Skill Expert.
September ,2003   Preparation of the medium-stage undertaking plan of Equipment Company was completed.
October,2003 Import the machining center technology of Japan OKK Company and form the lot supply capacity through digestion, absorbing, extending development. The company successively supplies 11 PM series quasi-rapid machining centers, which released the qualitative breakthrough of this company on production of flexible equipment.
December,2003 Legal action of machining contract with Liuzhou Engine Factory ended the company won the lawsuit in the final judgment. Through effort, the company obtained the executed target amount of RMB 19.33472 million.
December,2003 Car dies (JA project) undertaken by the company, 21 sets of dies including hood die started overall manufacturing.
December,2003 Dongfeng Die & Mould Co., Ltd. was established.
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