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With elegant and stylish decoration and appearance, the brand-new car is well equipped and presents outstanding power and performance. With distinguished performance among its fellow cars, Sunny is rightly designed for you who are elegant, positive, confident and know exactly how to enjoy life, to help set free the passions in your heart and promote your taste and self consciousness.

The new Sunny exceeds its fellow cars both in design and performance, which is elegant as well as vigorous. Embodying the appearance of fashionable and classical three-room cars and exquisite interior decoration with delicate texture, it presents a supreme taste and bearing.
●Star of Dongfeng. In pursuit of high efficiency, it also stresses humanitarian care. Its powered turning facilitates your smooth shuttling in the busy cities; independent front suspension brings you steady comfort like a sedan; the driver's cabin that has been designed according to mechanical standard that most suits human body, plus the humanitarian sedan-like configuration combine to make driving/riding it an enjoyment. Star of Dongfeng, advanced driving environment, makes you a leader in today's metropolitan life.
●Driving star of Dongfeng, you are carefree. Special manganese steel bodywork design, rationally distributed 3200 weld points, and every detail of the finished vehicle will combine to upgrade simultaneously the active and passive safety measures to the highest rank of pickups. In July 2003, Star of Dongfeng took the lead in passing ECE R29 head on collision test, with three testing items all satisfying the requirements. It becomes the No.1 safe pickup in china.
●The star of Dongfeng, the leader in safety, makes you the leader of metropolitan logistics.
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