Jun Seki: Nissan Posts Year-to-Date Sales of 1.5 Million Vehicles in China


On Dec. 29, Nissan Motor announced that it had posted better-than-expected sales results in the Chinese market with cumulative sales surpassing 1.5 million vehicles. In an exclusive interview with a Chinese media outlet, Jun Seki, DFL President confidently said that Nissan would hit its full-year sales goal of 1.5 million units in China before the end of 2017. Mr. Seki pointed out that Dongfeng Nissan, one of DFL's seven business units, not only realized sales growth but also contributed a lot to profitability. Dongfeng Venucia has been refreshing its sales records since it became a local brand earlier this year, hitting deliveries equivalent to 2016 full-year sales volume in just 10 months. As such, Mr. Seki first set a goal for Dongfeng Venucia for 2018.

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