2017 INFINITI Owner Golf Challenge Camp Kicked Off in Beijing


On November 6, 2017, INFINITI Challenger Academy -2017 INFINITI Owner Golf Challenge Camp kicked off at the Xiangshan International Golf Club in Beijing, and the Chengdu Owner Golf Challenge Camp also started at the same time.

INFINITI Owner Golf Challenge Camp, the first professional enhancement course and owners' event after INFINITI Challenger Academy was established this year, lasts for 44 days and covers four major regions across the country in eight big cities including Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen. With unique competition system, it inspires the unlimited potential of participants, upgrades them from a player to an expert and challenges the new heights of games.

Based on Empower the Drive, its new global brand positioning, INFINITI's customer care focuses on future trends, seizes the personalized and emotional appeal of the youngest and most dynamic owners. In the future, INFINITI will continue to uphold the "challenger" spirit of the entire value chain, create rich and diversified marketing experiential activities through a series of innovative brand and product experiential platforms, and deepen communication with consumers to enhance emotional resonance.



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