The Second Stage of "2017 INFINITI SUV Challenger Road" Officially Launched in Wuhan


On November 13, 2017, the second stage of "2017 INFINITI SUV Challenger Road" was officially launched in Wuhan. As an important part of further implementation of this year's INFINITI “Challenger” strategy, "2017 INFINITI SUV Challenge Road" is a brand activity created by INFINITI to highlight the challenger spirit and humane care.

The activity is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the first stage is a journey deep into the northwest to experience the magnificent Xinjiang. In the second stage, participants will depart from Wuhan and head respectively for Beijing and Guangzhou. In the second stage of the event, hundreds of elite challengers will drive INFINITI SUV models in more than 20 days that covers a dozen of core cities in four major areas of the country, and once again explore the new heights of life.

2017 INFINITI SUV Challenger Road allows consumers to deeply experience the product strength and unique charms of the SUV products during their journey of exploration. In the future, INFINITI will continue to create a series of unique experiential platforms to help enterprising elites challenge themselves and achieve new highs in their lives.

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