Dalian Factory Becomes the Second Production Base of INFINITI


INFINITI Motor Company, together with its joint venture in China, Dongfeng INFINITI Motor Co. Ltd. (DFI), formally announced on November 17, 2017 at the Guangzhou Motor Show that Dalian Factory becomes the second production base of INFINITI after Xiangyang Factory and will produce all-new premium INFINITI SUV in 2018.

As the second localized production base of INFINITI in China, Dalian Factory will complement each other with Xiangyang Factory to form a strength, to promote the sustainable development of INFINITI's localization strategy. The continuous and steady progress of localization will also lays a solid foundation and builds momentum for the sustainable development of INFINITI in the Chinese market.

With a solid and sound localization strategy, an active product strategy and technological innovations, sustainable dealer network expansion, implementation of the “Challenger” brand strategy and concerted efforts of the entire value chain, Dongfeng INFINITI will step forward into the "Year of Endeavor" with bravery and determination.

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