Dongfeng, one of the top three pillar automaker in China, and Nissan, the second largest automobile manufacturer in Japan, now come together to form a comprehensive, strategic partnership on behalf of the important auto makers in Asia and formed the joint venture company with the largest scales, the deepest level and the broadest range in China’s auto sector. It's related not only to the prosperity of a company but also will play an important role in promoting the deep cooperation and development in the two countries’ auto industries and China’s auto industry into the international auto competitiveness.

DFL’s successful foundation and operation is a symbol of China’s fast steps towards the market economy and opening to the outside world, and it is also a record of the fast development of China’s auto industry. DFL, united tightly and overcame many difficulties, got the achievement one after another and smoothly fulfilled its Plan Two Cubed and Plan One Cubed midterm business plans in China’s auto industry towards the internationalization and thus laid a firm base for it to try to be China’s top-class auto maker.

In the coming 10 years for DFL, we will unite tightly with our 57,000 employees and make progress together. We will respect the interests of all the interest-related parties, grow together with our employees, dedicate to the development of China’s auto industry, to be the environmentally friendly company, make contributions to China’s public welfare and people’s happiness. We will work hard to become a noted auto company in China and in the world. We will insist on our visions and company culture and firmly go forward.

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