Operation Strategy:

Highlight core business, Seek opportunities to expand, Advance Steadily,Center Around Profit.

Operation Philosophy:

Develop Strategically, Focus on core business.

Six Responsibility Systems:

Responsible to shareholders, responsible to customer, responsible to employees, responsible to the nation, responsible to the society, responsible to the environment and responsible to the partners along with the derived sustainable development guideline centering the concept of "People oriented and Value oriented" .

Product Strategy:

Focus on Commercial Vehicle, Strengthen Engine, Develop Passenger Vehicle and Aim at Hi-Tech.
2002 DFAC produced 39,215.56 tons of casting in total, 3.97% higher than the figure in Year 2001. It produced 101,728 diesel motors, 23.7% higher than the figure in Year 2001, and sold 100,918 diesel motors, 22.90% higher than the figure in Year 2001. It produced 67,360 light-duty trucks, 123.26% higher that in Year 2001, and sold 63,670 such trucks, setting up a new record in sale, with a growth rate of 126.34%, which was the highest one among its peers. The market coverage of DFAC ascended from 7.56% in Year 2001 to 12.23% this year, and its sale of entire cars sprang from the fifth place in the automobile trade in 2001 to the second place in the trade this year.
2002 DFAC exported 183 entire cars in total to countries such as Nepal, Bengal and Egypt, etc, among which, 34 entire cars were exported to Nepal from March to August, 50 CKDs were exported to Bengal in April, 36 CKDs were exported to Egypt in August and September, and altogether 61 cars were exported to ten other countries.
December 2002 Mao Jiahong in the Foundry Subsidiary Company was granted with the honorable title " Ten Outstanding Youths in Enterprises Run by Central Government".
December 23,2002 The ceremony for the launching of "Dongfeng Mengka" was held in Nanjing Hilton Hotel, suggesting a great progress that "Dongfeng Motor" had made in adjusting product structure and exploring market for sophisticated products. Leaders of DFMC Miao Wei, Xu Ping, Tong Dongcheng and Zhu Fushou etc. were present in the ceremony.By Dec. 31, 2002, the total value of "Dongfeng Motor" Stocks had exceeded RMB 15 billion, amounting to RMB 15.1 billion, among which those circulating in the market amounted to RMB 4.53 billion.
December 22, 2002 DFAC signed the Agreement on On-line Settlement of Financial Service for Automobile Sale with CITIC Industrial Bank in Hilton Hotel in Nanjing.
December 16 ,2002 DFAC was rated by Chinese Mechanical Industrial Enterprise Management Association as "Advanced Example Unit for Mechanical Industrial Enterprise Management".
December 16, 2002 "EQB-245mp Diesel Motor Assessment Meeting" and "Seminar on Power Strategies for Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle" were held in the Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company, and the new product of DFAC, i.e., EQB-245mp Diesel Motor, passed the assessment of experts.
December 16, 2002 The "ceremony for the birth of the. 100,000th Dongfeng Cummins Series B Diesel Motor and the launching of new product" was held in the Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company. Leaders of DFMC Tong Dongcheng and Zhu Fushou, elderly leaders of DFMC Huang Zhengxia, Gao Mingxiang and Song Yanguang and Zhang Xianchang, in addition to leaders and experts from other departments presented themselves in the ceremony.
December 13-15, 2002 The "Forum of Economic Growth in China" sponsored by the State Statistics Bureau, Jiangshu Provincial People's Government and Suzhou Municipal People's Government, jointly organized by World Association of Large-sized Enterprises and Japan External Trade Organization was held in Suzhou Conference Center. Standing Committee Member of Party Committee of DFMC and GM of DFAC Zhu Fushou presented himself and presided over the "Enterprise Leaders Meeting" convened on Dec. 15.
December 4, 2002 "The First Forum for Investor Relations Management in Listed Companies in China" sponsored by Shanghai Securities Exchange, organized by Wuhan Securities Management Office and jointly organized by DFAC, SINOPEC and Baosteel Stock was opened in Wuhan Shargri-La Hotel. DFAC put forward the concept that "continuously repaying the shareholders with sustaining development", which had been agreed on unanimously by all the listed companies present.
November 11, 2002 The archives working objective management of DFAC reached the first level in the country, and the archival repositories of the Foundry Subsidiary Company, Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company and Automobile Subsidiary Company were rated as "Red Banner Repositories in the Archival System of DFMC".
October 31, 2002 State Commission of Economic Relations & Trade ratified DFAC's Proposal on the Project of Technical Innovation in Engines of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (GJMTZ[2002]No.811).
October 12, 2002 the ceremony for the production & sale of "Dongfeng Motor" exceeding 50,000 and the launching of "Dongfeng Mengka" was held in the Assembly Operation Division of the Automobile Subsidiary Company. Directors of DFAC Sun Hongjun and Gu Linsheng, Vice GMs of DFMC Tong Dongcheng and Li Shaozhu, GM of DFAC Zhu Fushou, Secretary of Party Committee Wang Mingqing and leaders from Xiangfan City government Zhao Chenglin, Mali and Wan Taoyuan, etc., were present in the ceremony and cut the ribbon at the ceremony.
September 29, 2002 The workshop building for the No.2 Sand Core Workshop of the Foundry Subsidiary Company was completed and passed the acceptance check.
September, 2002 the Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company passed the fifth supervision & check for QS9000 Quality System carried out by American AQSR Certification Company, and became the first enterprise in China to get the international certification of QS9001:2000.
September 9-13, 2002 DFAC passed the third party certification of GB/T24001 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, and on Oct. 28, 2002, DFAC was granted "Authentication Certificate of Environmental Management System"(01-2002-410R0) and "Authentication Certificate of Occupational Health & Safety Management System"(2002-026R0).
September 10, 2002 Vice Chairman of CPPCC Chen Jinhua, Standing Committee Member of CPPCC and Minister of the former Ministry of Mechanical Industry and Director of the Draft Resolution Committee of CPPCC He Guangyuan, Standing Committee Member and Vice Secretary General of CPPCC Wang Julu, Deputy Director of the State Commission of Economic Relations & Trade Ou Xinqian visited and inspected the Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and the Automobile Subsidiary Company accompanied by leaders from DFMC Miao Wei, Xu Ping, Li Shaozhu, Zhu Fushou, Sun Changhai and leaders from Xiangfan City Government.
August, 2002 the organizing units of DFAC were recomposed. Such divisions/office were set up in DFAC including the Product Planning Division, with Lou Wenzhi serving as the division director, the Planning & Investment Division, with Yu Jun serving as the division director, the Production Operation Division, with Wang Baobin serving as the division director, the GM Office, with Li Guangchun serving as the office director, the Financial Accounting Division, with Wei Wen serving as the division director, the Human Resource Division, with Wang Yu serving as the division director, and the Party Committee Working Division, with Shi Guanfang serving as the division director.
Augest 15, 2002 The opening ceremony for the second western travel of "welfare plan" & the ceremony greeting excellent western children to Beijing known as "hand in hand with children from western area to hold up the brightness tomorrow" was held in People's Meeting Hall in a warm air. DFAC donated four "Dongfeng Flying Fox" touring cars and two "Dongfeng Lotus" buses to the organizing committee.
June 30, 2002 On June 30, DFAC convened the second interim general meeting of stockholders of the year 2002, during which the second board of directors and the second board of supervisors were voted out.
Members of the board of directors:
Chairman of the board: Miao Wei
Vice Chairman of the board: Xu Ping
Directors: Gu Linsheng Gao Mingxiang Sun Hongjun Liu Zhangmin
Li Shaozhu Zhu Fushou
Independent Directors: Sun Shuyi, Guan Weili, Xu Guangwu, Liu Jisheng
Chairman of the board of supervisors: Ye Huicheng
Supervisors: Wang Mingqing Jin Nanqiang
Meanwhile, Lu Feng was designated as the Vice GM of DFAC.
May 27-29, 2002 DFAC passed the supervision and check of quality system carried out by Beijing 9000 Quality System Certification Center.
May 7, 2002 The Automobile Sales Department of DFAC separated itself from the Automobile Subsidiary Company of DFAC, and was turned into "Sales Division of DFAC", known as "Sales Company of DFAC" to the public. As the secondary grade unit of DFAC, it took charge of the sale of automobile products and after-sales service of DFAC. In Dec., Ding Shaobin assumed the post of GM. of the Sales Division and Secretary of the Party Committee.
April 27, 2002 The Foundry Workshop of the Foundry Subsidiary Company made an output of 1,033 boxes in the daytime shift, setting a new record.
April 23, 2002 Standing Committee Member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Minister of former Ministry of Mechanical Ministry and Honorable Chairman of Chinese Mechanical Industry Association He Guangyuan inspected the Automobile Subsidiary Company and Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company of DFAC.
April 8, 2002 The designating ceremony for "Dongfeng Motor Avenue" (starting form the gate of DFAC in the north and ending at the turnaround of National Highway 316 in the south) was held in front of the office building of DFAC. Leaders from Xiangfan City Government Xia Zhibin, Zhao Chenglin, Liu Dezheng, Li Wenlie and leaders from DFMC Miao Wei, Sun Hongjun, Gu Linsheng, Gao Mingxiang, Li Shaozhu, Zhu Fushou and Sun Changhai, etc., presented themselves and cut the ribbon at the ceremony. The domicile of DFAC was named "No. 1 Dongfeng Motor Avenue".
April 8, 2002 "Dongfeng Motor Analyzers' Explanation Meeting 2002" was held in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company, which had promoted the communication and understanding between DFAC and the investors and suggested that "Dongfeng Motor" had become the first listed company which systematically carried out investor relation management (IRM) in the country.
March 27, 2002 GM of DFAC Zhu Fushou and Vice President of American Cummins Corp. Cao Side signed the Research Report for the Feasibility of Rebuilding Engine Technology in Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. at Diaoyutai in Beijing.
March 2002 In March, the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center under the State Ministry of Science and Technology granted DFAC with the Certificate of Major High-tech Enterprises (numbered Q2002149), and rated it as the high-tech enterprise involved in the State Torch Plan.
March 26, 2002 Chairman of the Board and CEO of American Cummins Corporation Tim Solso, Vice President Cao Side, East Asian and Korean Area President Kin Zhongzhi visited and inspected DFAC accompanied by DFAC leaders such as Li Shaozhu and Wang Mingqing.
March 11, 2002 "Road Leading to Success—Press Conference for Dongfeng Xintianyou Pickup" was held in Wuhan Shangri-La Hotel, suggesting the birth of a new generation of "Dongfeng Vehicles". Deputy Secretary General of Hubei Provincial Government Xia Xianren, Vice Mayor of Wuhan City Duan Lunyi, GM of DFMC Miao Wei, Vice GM of DFMC and GM of Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. Liu Weidong and Standing Committee Member of DFMC Party Committee and GM of DFAC Zhu Fushou presented themselves in the conference.
February 21, 2002 President of Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. Carlos Ghosn and his party visited the Automobile Subsidiary Company and Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company of DFAC in the company of Standing Committee Member of DFM Party Committee and General Manager of DFAC Zhu Fushou and Vice General Manager of DFAC Luo Junmin.
February 2, 2002 The acceptance check for the painting project of the Automobile Subsidiary Company of DFAC and Commissioning Summing-up & Commending Meeting was held in Dongfeng Hotel, which suggested the closing and consummating of the four major processes for entire car production in DFAC. The commissioning of the project made it possible for DFAC to produce 100,000 cars annually.
January 8, 2002 EQB231-10 Engine developed by the Diesel Motor Subsidiary Company of DFAC with independent intellectual property right passed the appraisal of the Science & Technology Committee of Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFMC). This new type 231hp engine meeting European II Discharge Standard was built with technical innovation on the basis of 180hp engines.
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